Biographies of Lawyers

Dmitry Yampolsky

Senior Partner, Attorney-at-Law

Dmitry Yampolsky is in charge of the firm’s strategic development. He specializes in criminal cases and advises clients on business management and investment projects, both Russian and international.

Dmitry defended Alexei Kurtsin, a Yukos executive charged with embezzlement and laundering of 342 million rubles. He also represented Yair Klein, Lieutenant Colonel of the Israeli Army, in the extradition to Colombia case against him, where Klein was sentenced in absentia for complicity in terrorism. However, the case was reviewed by the European Court of Human Rights, and the decision of the Russian Supreme Court to deport him was overturned, and Klein returned to Israel.

Dmitry is also a recognized expert in the field of NGO operations, Chairman of Vera Charitable Foundation, a co-founder of the “Friends” foundation, and a co-founder of the Moscow School of Advocacy.

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