In anticipation of the Legal Forum
July 2022

In anticipation of the Legal Forum

In anticipation of the St. Petersburg International Legal Forum, a special session on “Corporate Law and Criminal Liability in the Era of Sanctions” was held on June 29, 2022. Gofstein & Partners joined the event as a sponsor.

The session’s speakers devoted their speeches to the most pressing issues of the day. Among them are the introduction of external business management, fair environmental responsibility, tax management and optimization during the sanctions period, the limits and mechanisms of antimonopoly legislation application in the situation of economic disengagement, criminal liability and criminal risks during the sanctions period.

Andrei Kozlov, managing partner of Gofstein & Partners, discussed company, shareholder and management relocation in the face of sanctions. He emphasized that relocation should not be interpreted exclusively as a firm or organization leaving the country; it may also be viewed as an opportunity to reach new markets. There is a new trend in the IT market: investing directly in technology rather than in a firm or a startup. This strategy introduces new and intriguing problems for law firms working in this field.

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