Gofstein & Partners Successed in Getting Andrei Grudzinsky Released from Custody

Andrei Grudzinsky is a corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Rocket and Artillery Sciences, author of military-technical scientific works and innovations, recipient of the Russian Government Prize, and Knight of the Medal “For Saving the Lost.”

Grudzinsky was charged with two large-scale fraud schemes (paragraph 4 of Article 159 of the Criminal Code). The colonel may face up to ten years in jail. The 517th Military Investigative Department of Russia’s Investigative Committee is looking into the matter.

Andrei Grudzinsky is being represented by Gofstein & Partners lawyer Zhanat Beketov, whose suit was dismissed by the Moscow City Court. On July 27, the upper court agreed with the lawyer’s arguments and reduced Grudzinsky’s preventative measure to house arrest.

“The Moscow City Court correctly concluded that detaining a famous scientist with an outstanding record and biography was unnecessary. Especially when it comes to an accusation of a non-violent, economic crime. Grudzinsky believes the allegations against him are false and plans to pursue his full rehabilitation in the future,“ Zhanat Beketov said.

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